BOOK: Nothing but the truth by the Secret Barrister

As a law graduate I read Nothing but the truth by the Secret Barrister (SB) with great interest. The insight into the workings of the legal system from a barrister’s perspective is invaluable and confirms that my decision to become a journalist rather than to pursue a career as a barrister, was the right choice for me. SB, who must be a woman, is down to earth and certainly not your typical barrister, even by her own admission. She doesn’t come from the higher echelons of society but nevertheless a good middle class background. Her desire to become a barrister was fuelled by a passion to make a difference. And to that end she has suffered everything from horrendously long working hours – over 80 hours a week is not unusual – intolerable judges, clients and ludicrously low pay. It is no wonder that barristers are being forced to strike. SB uncovers the reality of being a barrister, which is the complete opposite to what both her and I envisaged. An excellent read, with great candour and humour. One thing’s for sure, the British legal system needs to be reorganised and made fit for purpose for the 21st century.

Price £20
ISBN-13: 978-1529057027
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