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Tim Saunders is a travel writer and photographer
regularly contributing to publications with a
combined audience exceeding 100,000 readers.
His videos have been watched over 350,000 times.
It was with his father that Tim first travelled abroad, to Benin and Lagos, Nigeria, when he was 11. Three years later he flew to Indonesia, unaccompanied. He took a holiday to New York and won a long weekend to The Hague after appearing on a popular ITV show. With his wife Caroline, Tim has visited Norway and many parts of Italy and Romania as well as Bulgaria and France. He now focuses on family friendly holidays and excursions travelling with Caroline and children: Harriett (13), Heidi (11) and Henry (8). Their travels take place during the school holidays and have concentrated on the UK and Europe. This website is intended to be a helpful resource, particularly for those with young families, who are looking for their next family friendly holiday or just a good day out.
Tim's engaging reviews have helped boost the profiles of many holiday providers and operators, who in turn have experienced increased bookings. "Your pieces are a great addition to our magazines," says Chanel Hosfield, Editor of Life Magazines.


How comfortable are the beds? You don't want a week of sleeping on a poor mattress!
Are there likely to be any other guests nearby and do they plan to hold any noisy parties? This could ruin your holiday.
Are there stairs? How safe are they for children or the elderly? Ask for photos – there can be some quite dangerous staircases about.
Ask for proof that the gas boiler has been regularly and recently serviced (especially important abroad).
Does the property meet any recognised safety standards?
Is the heating reliable and is there plenty of hot water?
Any mice or rat problems?
What about parking issues? 
The above questions have arisen from our own experiences. 
Even the most idyllic property can be let down by any of the above so it is important to secure reassurances because your family's safety could be at risk.
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