Tim wearing his Haglöfs temperature controlled T-shirt


By Tim Saunders

There’s one problem with the summer. The heat. Especially when running or enduring any arduous exercise. So what we wear becomes even more important.

Haglöfs, the Swedish outdoor clothing manufacturer, has designed a smart temperature controlled T-shirt. Usually on my morning run I wear any old T-shirt and about half-way through I start sweating, no matter what the weather. When Caroline and I first wear our Haglöfs T-shirts the summer morning is warming up nicely and although we get hot during our run, as you expect, we don’t feel as hot as usual. I realise this isn’t a scientific test but nevertheless we reckon they work.

We shall be putting them through their paces every weekday and will also see what they’re like when hiking over the summer months. Of course they will have to be washed in between at the recommended 40 degrees.

“I think they’re pretty effective,” says Caroline, adding that these T-shirts are lightweight and will dry quickly, all important for travelling.
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