BOOK: Kitty and the Kidnap Trap by Paula Harrison

Harriett reading Kitty and the Kidnap Trap lr


Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780 19 277784 3
Review by Harriett Saunders aged 10

This is a wonderful adventure story about a young girl called Kitty and her friend Emily. Emily goes to her grandma's for two days and while she is away Kitty looks after her hamster, Marvin. When Kitty goes to check on Marvin, disaster strikes, he is gone. Kitty and the Kidnap Trap is brilliant for young readers aged 7 upwards. I think that any cat, rat or hamster lovers would adore this book and super hero fans would too because Kitty turns into a kitten with super powers. She has a cat gang and she can speak animal. This is an awesome book.
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