BOOK: The Lost Slipper by Swapna Reddy

Heidi reading

SKU: 9780192774880
Children's fiction age 5 to 6
Oxford University Press
Price: £5.99
Review by Heidi Saunders age 8
I would give The Lost Slipper from the series Ballet Bunnies 10 out of 10 because it involves my favourite animals, bunnies. I really liked reading this book because it left me on a cliff hanger and it made me imagine what happens after Millie and the rest of her dance school leave the theatre. I would recommend this book to children who like ballet or may be dance and it would be good for readers who like a picture on every few pages. This book is really good for budding ballerinas because it has a basic ballet moves page showing you how to dance first position to fifth position.
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