BOOK: Introducing Entrepreneurship

introducing entrepreneurship

The Work and Pensions Secretary claims the coalition government is creating a generation of entrepreneurs.

But many claim Iain Duncan Smith is confusing self employment with the true spirit of entrepreneurialism. This is because there is a clear difference between working for yourself and being a serial entrepreneur like Sir Richard Branson, growing businesses, selling them on and starting the process again and again.

Ikon books has published Introducing Entrepreneurship, a useful handbook written by experts. Including case studies it uncovers the map to success and introduces techniques to get your business well-known. It’s great for those considering venturing out on their own and a point of reference for those who have already done so.

We had already embarked on our adventure of starting up Creative Coverage; (the membership organisation promoting professional artists and craftspeople) when I read this book. It was great for analysing the paths we had taken so far and realising the work we still need to do.

Now we realise that networking does not have to mean constant evening appointments but instead making the most of social media which can catapult you ahead of the competition.
When you are running a business it is clear that you must maintain focus and keep generating fresh ideas. Reading this book has helped us to do just that.

Introducing Entrepreneurship, Ikon Books. Price: £6.99 ISBN: 978-184831625-6

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