POTTY: MyCarryPotty


By Tim Saunders

My little daughter Harriett has just started potty training.

It’s a testing time for even the most patient of parents. You might have spent time fitting a new nappy and then little one says in the sweetest way imaginable: “Daddy, go wee wee.”

You can’t ignore them because that will affect their confidence.

But it can become frustrating especially when the potty is nowhere to hand.

So when we discovered MyCarryPotty, life became so much easier because now Harriett has one potty upstairs and her pink MyCarryPotty, downstairs.

It looks like a little briefcase and she’s unable to open it up herself, much to her annoyance, but this is probably a good thing when it is full. It has made potty training easier and more convenient and it is also helpful for car journeys and travelling.

MyCarryPotty, which is available from all good retailers, comes with an educational story book, written by its creator Amanda Jenner.




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